Kill Stealers

Slaads blocking the way

The team has fought their way through 3 waves of slaads. Jerry was diseased twice but managed to make his saves before any permanent damage could take hold. He went toe to toe with the main boss Larva Mage and Jerry regeneration saved him. The shadow dragon that the team is suppose to kill has revealed itself. Chris has bonded with the TWO artifacts that have shown up in the module. He has freely given himself over to the power. As the shadow dragon ended her dialog, Chris launched the Skull of Sartine at the creature. The dragon will fight them.
Steve won the first tournament of Magic the Gathering. He picked some armor.


Sunday June 9th, 2013

To the Killer Stealers made it through D5: Dedanum’s Throne and Z1:Teethtop Sentries.

After defeating the Azer Taskmaster and his cronies, the party discovered a secret panel in the flaming throne. It contained a belt of vigor (level 22), a circlet of silver and gold worth 3500 gp, 3 platinum statuettes inset with gems (each worth 15,000 gp), and 600 pp.

On the taskmaster himself, he was wearing a platinum ring with a spark of light in it. Chris the rouge picked it up and put it on. It immediately became attuned to him causing him to lose 1 healing surge. The ring glowed and the letters S – O – U – L showed themselves to him. The DM and Chris went into the other room and discussed something and came back a few moments later.

The party then advanced to the next room. They fought a hydra, 6 ogres, and 3 redspawn flamespewers. The battle was bloody. After defeating all the henchmen the party ganged up on the hydra and made quick work of him.

The party is beaten and battered pretty good at the moment. They have decided to hold up in this room for 7 more hours before they can take their extended rest.

Being up a few hundred points shy of level 20 the party is chomping at the bit to play again. We will play again on August 11th, 2013.


As the party continues to explore Urishtar’s Keep in the realm of the Shadowfell, they defeated a huge Dracolich. The ultimate goal is to find and stop a shadow dragon that is taking souls of the dead. The party was hired by Sir Halumoor and charged with finding his son’s (Jothan Ironspell) soul. They realize that the bigger picture is that no soul can be brought back until the shadow dragon is stopped.


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